PigTail® Food Flipper 19″ – Hardwood Handle

PigTail® Food Flipper 19″ – Hardwood Handle


The innovative tool that flips, turns and lifts everything from a rack of ribs to steaks, tenderloins, chicken, bacon, corn on the cob, potatoes, you name it!


  • Pigtail Food Flipper: The original BBQ flipper is crafted from the highest quality materials and is built for performance and durability.
  • Meat Hook for Grilling: The Pigtail Food Flipper turns, flips, and carries food quickly and safely and is great for the grill, oven, broiler, smoker or campfire.
  • BBQ Tools: The steak flipper has a razor-sharp hook and does not leave marks in the meat or cause it to tear.
  • Meat Flipper: This meat flipper is best for grilling and indoor cooking. Replace tongs, forks, spatulas with this innovative tool.

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