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VA2000 Automatic Meat Slicer

VA2000 Automatic Meat Slicer

The world’s only NSF Certified Automatic Meat Slicer. Its patented design includes, but is not limited to, a diswasher-safe chain frame assembly, a liquid collection system and an angled carriage design for consistent slicing of low profile products.

Model H Commercial Meat Tenderizer

The Model H commercial tenderizer machine has been the gold standard for 40 years within the food service industry. It is NSF Certified and able to tenderize any cut of boneless meat, pork, veal, poultry or seafood, without tearing the meat or leaving any lasting impressions. Our upgraded design with torsion spring actuation significant reduces cost of ownership and an extended machine life.

World's ONLY NSF approved Stacker Slicers

Lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying

“I have been using the TSHY every day since 2013, and for 14 years before that it was the Model H. These machines are outstanding and are very durable! We haven’t had hardly any maintenance with the TSHY. If someone were thinking about opening a business like this, I would tell them it should be the first piece of equipment that you buy. It paid itself off in the first year of having it; by producing top-notch quality product, that your customers keep coming back for. I love the Jaccard company so much, I even had license plates made with the name!”

– Sonny, Meat Cutter & Operator, Perfect Cuts Specialty Meats

“Things are made easier by saving us time, firstly. It cuts “popeye” slicer time in half (at least), and shaved another 25% off the time from our previous slicer-stacker, with a quicker cycle to cycle time and cleaning process. The ease of cleaning is another solid selling point. Almost all pieces can be washed in our commercial washer, and the manual is quite clear about cleaning and use procedures. We also use an air compressor in the cleaning process for hard to reach areas, pre-cleaning, and drying. I myself demo’d the machine, read the manual, and consider myself to be thoroughly schooled on its function. The sharpening process is a breeze, and I have only had to replace the sharpening stones once in the two years.”

-Joseph Adair, DoubleDave’s PizzaWorks

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