KT-ALP Meat Press/Flattener

This semi-automatic mechanical meat press quickly flattens fresh or chilled meat without loss of juices or weight. It’s ideal for poultry, beef, pork or veal within small to medium production operations. Pressed meat is consistent and having an even thickness helps ensure that the meat is evenly cooked and provided optimal plate coverage. This machine is economical and costs a fraction of the large machines.

  • High-quality stainless-steel construction
  • Patent design ensures meat retains flatness indefinitely
  • Thickness of end product is adjustable – between 1.0mm to 30.0mm
  • Fast and efficient – pressing up to 800 steaks per hour at a working pressure of 3000kg
  • Serrated flattener plate provides tenderization of product within the flattening operation and additional area for breading or coating applications




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