ABS Safe Hands™ Mandolin

ABS Safe Hands™ Mandolin

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Patented SafeHands™ food holder protects user’s hands and fingers better than any mandolin in the world… safely and completely keeps hands and fingers away from razor sharp slicing blades. 


  • Mandolin Slicer: The Patented SafeHands food holder protects the user’s hands and fingers better than any other mandolin
  • Compact Storage: The slicer features slip resistant legs that fold flat for easy and compact storage
  • Slicer with interchangeable Blades: This Mandolin slicer comes with 7 different blades for maximum flexibility & creativity when preparing food
  • Mandolin Slicer for Professional Use: The razor-sharp blade effortlessly cuts through “tough skin” foods such as tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables
  • Dishwasher Safe: The Stainless-Steel Mandolin Slicer features high-quality ABS composite frame and is dishwasher safe
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