The only patented Stacker Slicers with an Easy to Clean Chain Drive, which reduces the tearing of sliced meats and cheeses, customers will see an increase in productivity, product quality and overall decrease in food cost.

VA2000 Automatic Stacker Slicer

VA4000AT Automatic Stacker Slicer

Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying

“Things are made easier by saving us time, firstly. It cuts “popeye” slicer time in half (at least), and shaved another 25% off the time from our previous slicer-stacker, with a quicker cycle to cycle time and cleaning process. The ease of cleaning is another solid selling point. Almost all pieces can be washed in our commercial washer, and the manual is quite clear about cleaning and use procedures. We also use an air compressor in the cleaning process for hard to reach areas, pre-cleaning, and drying. I myself demo’d the machine, read the manual, and consider myself to be thoroughly schooled on its function. The sharpening process is a breeze, and I have only had to replace the sharpening stones once in the two years.”

-Joseph Adair, DoubleDave’s PizzaWorks