Ready 2 Grill™ Pre-Soaked Planks (1 large plank per pkg)

Ready 2 Grill™ Pre-Soaked Planks (1 large plank per pkg)


Plank grilling is a centuries old Native American technique that provides robust flavor, pleasing aroma and a moist, even heat cooking surface. The western red cedar adds savory, smoky flavor. Simplifies prep and grilling for beginners searching for great tasting healthy seafood meals.  Try grilling beef, chicken and vegetables too. 


  • Pre-Soaked Grilling Planks: Save time no need to soak your plank for up to 2 hours before before using on the grill. Jaccard’s patent pending Ready-2-Grill grilling planks eliminate the time and mess of pre-soaking.
  • Premium Cedar Grilling Planks: The Cedar Plank provides moist, even heat across the cooking surface, ensures fragile seafood doesn’t fall through grill grates
  • Wood Plank Serving Board: The Grill Planks can be placed directly on a serving plate for an eye-catching presentation at home or at a restaurant
  • Grilling Accessory: Cedar Grilling Planks add savory, smoky flavor and are great with fish, beef, chicken, pork, veal, vegetables and more. Smooth grilling surface; single time use
  • Western Red Cedar: Premium Western Red Cedar Grilling Planks from certified forests. WORKS ON ANY GRILL – use on gas grill, ceramic grill and charcoal grills

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